1. SHINee World

    I say shinee world needs to come to the USA. To Seattle. I don’t live there but I’d drive up there to see them. C’mon! Bring shinee world to the USA!


  2. KBS LA kpop festival 2014

    So, hearing about these news, I will be attempting to go. I already trying to make plans.
    This is serious people!


  3. davidtennantssideburns:

    To the tune of “Do you want to build a snowman” 

    Because if this isn’t perfect I don’t understand the levels you need for perfection


  4. I can’t quite believe I was right up there. And that this handsome man sang me happy birthday sexy style while holding my hand and looked right into my eyes. And that he kissed my hand? I was just in shock. And to boot he gave me his towel at the end. Made sure he gave it right to me.
    He recognized me from the photo Opp. The recognition was right in his eyes. My friends there told me so.
    It was a one of a kind concert and I’m so happy that I was there for it all.
    Fan service was incredible and the performance was to die for.
    What a great birthday weekend!





  8. I spoke to her after the concert. Well deserved


  9. This kissme definitely deserved the ukiss Super fan



  11. They were amazing


  12. I can’t even express how beautiful the concert was. I’ll be posting more pictures but please understand, I’m not biased or anything towards soohyun….. xD


  13. hatsumiyo:


    KissMe, as we all know, Kevin’s grandma passed away a few days ago (03\01\14). We all also know that Kevin is a ray of sun, always smiling all the time. And it hurts to imagine how sad he must be right now..

    It’s also sad to imagine how he will have to smile all the time during their American tour, even right after his loss, when he still will be grieving for his grandma.. But if he will attend the american tour anyway, guys, please pray for him and give him strenght. I really hope he will be strong trough this tough period of his life, and I’ll pray for him and his family even more. I’ll pray so that he will smile and shine again soon ♡


  14. Ship them so hard


  15. My feels people