1. Super cool ladies


  2. Beautiful ladies right here!


  3. And I almost forgot this one of Minzy!


  4. And Bom!


  5. And last of solo Dara ♡


  6. Beautiful Dara!


  7. And last solo Minzy!


  8. Minzy!


  9. Last of CL♡


  10. I took 75 shots. This is 30.i can’t help it she’s just that beautiful


  11. More CL!


  12. Okay lovelies! Get ready for spam! 2ne1’s Crush (jap version), screen shots! Here’s some of lovely beautiful cl


  13. xxoddstitiousxx:

    Please vote for us, the P.I.K.S. Also known as PDX Indecisive Kpop Sisters!
    Vote once everyday!


  14. Please vote for our group! We’re the P.I.K.S. Or also known as PDX Indecisive Kpop Sisters!
    Everyday please!


  15. Simply stunning